We plan to open our place for interesting Workshops & Lectures.

The topics will be related to our point of view and approach of Mother-Nature, joyful life style, good-health and Spirituality. For this we will create a variety of nice in- en outdoor settings for different numbers of people/groups, with the right ambiance to give the workshops and lectures. We plan to let our workshops be given by a variety of experienced people like teachers, Gurus, Curanderos, etc. to make sure we get all kinds of approaches to the topics we want to learn about.

The primary aim of our workshops and lectures is quality based education in the topics of low-environmental impact, sustainability, permaculture(-experiments), bio-diversity, yoga, meditation, etc. Our workshops will be both theoretical and practical for a better understanding. Most of the lectures will take place in an interactive way. The audience may ask the teacher and, of course, vice versa.

After the lectures we like to spend quality time together in a personal setting with the teacher, so we can evaluate the lecture with people from the audience, share our ideas, discuss our personal interpretations and knowledge about the subject, all in equality and with concern for each other’s values and norms.

Workshops for children

Our goal is to make the children part of our “Thumbs Up For Gaia” journey, where they can discover the joy for live and Creation, while the kids learn about their environment and the interesting and endless beauty of nature itself.

The process of taking care for creation and to learn about, for example recycling, will help them understand how to respect the environment. This understanding will become a part of their future lives. We make place in our courses to teach them about the bees, the birds, make dream-catchers, instruments, do children’s Yoga, etc. For more information please contact us.

Example of what kind of Workshops & Lectures we will offer (in the nearby future):

  • Introduction Workshop: “Yoga For Beginners”
  • Introduction Workshop: “Meditation For Beginners”
  • Workshop: “Pomar’s Vegetarian Soul Kitchen”/vegetarian cooking workshop
  • Workshop: “How to make your own ecological body care?”
  • Workshop: “Introduction to Small-Scale Beekeeping”
  • Workshop: “Stacking With Natural Stones and Building Walls ”
  • Workshop: “Pruning Fruit Trees”
  • Lecture: “Open Your Inner-Door To Spirituality”
  • Lecture: “Giving and Receiving in Spiritual Context”
  • Lecture: “Natural Healing & Healthiness With Mother-Nature”...

Are you a performer/teacher?

If you like to perform/teach and have a good topic which you want to share with us in the form of a lecture, workshop, retreat etc. please contact us.

Write us an email

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