Anikó from Hungary

Laura Vrijenhoef, The Netherlands
25 May 2017
Aniko from Hungary
15 August 2017

When I arrived at Madeira in November 2016, I absolutely did not have in mind that this island would change my life, but that is exactly what happened. I came for 1 week, really, just like a backpacker I came to visit only one island in the Atlantic. But today I know this island is unique, and I am sure that it is not just me who fell in love with Madeira, but that Madeira itself loves me as well.

How do I know this? Because I received a lot of miracles from her (yes, Madeira is a capricious but enchanting lady) since I arrived here and this process is still going on.
I became a part of the team of Sítio do Pomar, or maybe I should say I found a home and family in Madeira, because this is how I feel when I think about Pomar even though I just spend around 4 months there and now live in Funchal.
Pomar enhanced the faith in myself and made me realize that I am the main character in my own movie, but that, at the same time, we should never forget that the hero always takes care of others and of nature, always thinks wise and always knows what to do and say in the right moment.
Mother Gaia is waiting for you to help you find yourself, your life target and the love for everyone and everything, you just have to open your heart and learn… Pomar is a perfect place for whatever reason it brings you here and for whatever task you want to take part of. Enjoy each moment, help wherever you can and the changes in and around you are guaranteed.

Thanks for everything!!