Sponsor the project Thumbs Up For Gaia

Call us +351 963 792 350 or Write us to: info@thumbsupforgaia.org

Why we need sponsors

What we do in Sítio do Pomar is to create a new point of view in the minds of the people about life, nature, mutual respect, balance, awareness, etc. We plan to help people find their Spiritual inner-being so that they will look at their environment with an absolutely different eye than they did before.

We offer silence and beautiful nature for the people who have the need to escape from the modern society/city’s. We offer/share knowledge about our Mother-Nature (flora) and gardening for people who want to bring this kind of knowledge and understanding to their everyday life. We offer Meditation & Yoga courses for people who want to find a balance between body, mind and Soul. We offer other different types of workshops connected to topics we believe opens your eyes to something new, which can change the whole of our being into a better way of living and understanding.

"This we do with our full heart and with absolute commitment! "

Some of us left behind the so-called “normal” way of life to help other humans in need. For us money is only a tool (here we don’t Worship money!), to be able to offer more opportunities to the people who want to visit us. Our job right now is to help our project “Thumbs Up For Gaia” grow so we will be able to create more space for open-minded people.

Since we also like to have an open-door policy for people with a small budget, we ask people who don’t have this limitation to be generous to their fellow human beings, so we can also welcome them to our project.

"It is in giving that we receive” - Saint Francis of Assisi "

How to sponsor this project

The term of “sponsor” often means to give money to a project.

But we think there are many ways to sponsor us! As we (re-) build our buildings and take care of the gardens, all the necessary tools and materials are in use. As these must be replaced from time to time, we need money, but we are creative enough to use whatever we get, whether it is furniture, books, tools or musical instruments. (But it’s always best to contact us, so we can inform you what we need at the moment!).

Of course we would appreciate it if you could help us with a financial donation as well. By sponsoring the “Thumbs up for Gaia Project”, you play an important role in our efforts to ensure people to find the place or activity they need to become better human beings/ inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

So if you would like to sponsor us or for further information on developing a creative, innovative, joyful and respectful partnership with the project “Thumbs up for Gaia”, please contact us.

    Sponsors & Friends of Sítio do Pomar

    Klussenbedrijf Peul. Construction company in Noord Beveland, The Netherlands.

    Jeroen Buitenman, artist from The Netherlands.