Sítio do Pomar

Welcome to our site of the project “Thumbs up for Gaia”

The project is located in a private village named “Sítio do Pomar”, Madeira Island Portugal. A little paradise surrounded by the beauty of nature.
We present to you our way of trying to complete the mission of being an “open air monastery for Mother Gaia ”. We are a place where people can learn and practice the way of Unity, Compassion, Empathy, Happiness and Love for Creation and Consciousness in a broad spectrum of Divine White Light. A unique platform stimulating the process of becoming our true Selves.
We are located in the mountains of Madeira where we are rebuilding old and abandoned houses and ruins, far away from the everyday life in the concrete jungles of the big cities in the West.

"It is in giving that we receive” - Saint Francis of Assisi

What we are?

A place where we help each other find our Inner Silence and Peace and where we strive to live in balance and good health with each other and where we pay homage to our spiritual heritage. Our plan to live in balance, spiritually and ecologically, is partly based on Permacultural experimenting with as low an environmental impact as possible.

Our Beliefs

We found our perfect place in nature, an abandoned village in the mountains with houses and ruins to rebuild, where there’s lots of privacy. Our plan is to create something new, to build a place (/platform) from a spiritual point of view. In this place we like to live in balance with nature on the basis of low environmental impact. We try to live as much as we can in a sustainable way by building our lives around the concept of Permaculture which every day connects us more with our Mother Earth.

Our belief is that if we take / get something from nature, we give something positive back to Her, to keep the balance! We have different approaches how to balance ourselves with nature spiritually, biologically and ecologically. People who join us will have the possibility to detox themselves from daily life’s problems physically, mentally and spiritually as well. We help you to disconnect from the bad habits which are easily picked when living in the modern society of our Western based cultures.

As a child, we all trust our mother and take the tea or food she prepares for us when we need to get better when we are sick. Everything we need to be a healthy human being is present in our own bodies. What’s not available, we get from Mother Nature. We want to make people remember that we can trust our Mother-Nature, just as we can trust our own mothers, in giving what we need to recover and prosper.

What we are looking for?

We are looking forward to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds, which can be geographical, ethnical, cultural and spiritual, and to learn from each other, all to get a deeper understanding of our world and to find a common way to grow together as mankind. This will be a place where we can learn how to get the best from and out of each other in our “open air monastery of Mother-Nature”, while respecting each other and the planet on which we all live. We like to share our knowledge and life stories next to a campfire or in the kitchen while cooking our national foods for each other. We are open to hear about all kind of topics, everything can be discussed between us.

You can join us during your holiday and meditate all day long, or, if you are interested, you can help us in the garden taking care of the vegetables and learning more about the message Mother-Nature wants to share with us. We will help you find your way back to the old knowledge we all have deep inside of us.