Thumbs Up For Gaia Project

The project is located in a private village named “Sítio do Pomar”, Madeira Island Portugal. A little paradise surrounded by the beauty of nature.

We present to you our way of trying to complete the mission of being an “open air monastery for Mother Gaia ”. We are a place where people can learn and practice the way of Unity, Compassion, Empathy, Happiness and Love for Creation and Consciousness in a broad spectrum of Divine White Light. A unique platform stimulating the process of becoming our true Selves.

We are located in the mountains of Madeira where we are rebuilding old and abandoned houses and ruins, far away from the everyday life in the concrete jungles of the big cities in the West. A place where we help each other find our Inner Silence and Peace and where we strive to live in balance and good health with each other and where we pay homage to our spiritual heritage. Our plan to live in balance, spiritually and ecologically, is partly based on Permacultural experimenting with as low an environmental impact as possible.

What are our beliefs?

We heal our planet, and we heal ourselves.
We heal ourselves and we heal our planet!

1. Heal Our Planet!

2. Heal Our Waters!

3. Raise Our Consciousness!

"No matter how small you start, start something that matters."

Madeira Island

Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a haven of natural beauty.

The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the blue sea and the emerald green vegetation; this is an archipelago where two thirds are a protected area and where the largest Laurisilva forest in the world is located.

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  • When I arrived at Madeira in November 2016, I absolutely did not have in mind that this island would change my life, but that is exactly what happened. I came for 1 week, really, just like a backpacker I came to visit only one island in the Atlantic. But today I know this island is unique, and I am sure that it is not just me who fell in love with Madeira, but that Madeira itself loves me as well. (more…)

    Aniko, Hungary
  • Steep! Away from the world I knew. Literally. We flew above the clouds, the land we suddenly saw was lying in the same clouds, as if it was not our earth. Madeira. We arrived in the evening and the streetlights made the island look like a Christmas tree...(more...)

    Laura Vrijenhoef, The Netherlands
  • My dad told me about Dennis and what he was working on in Madeira. It sounded like a fun adventure so I decided to go to the island with a good friend of mine. When we arrived there we got picked up by Dennis and stopped by a local bar to get to know each other while enjoying some poncha (a local drink). (more…)
    Christiaan Calf, The Netherlands
  • Volunteering at Sitio do Pomar was such a awesome experience! Living in de nature and take a shower with a wonderful view. We learn a lot from each other. Build from nothing to something is really nice. I see you soon Madeira!
    Nick Ardon, The Netherlands
  • Volunteering at Sitio do Pomar was rich experience. Love for Mother Nature keep me in better balance and here it was very specific since the ideals based on permaculture with Dennis gave me a lot of experience. He brought a lot of new plants and trees to grow and such action was fastened since the surrounding has been exhausted this summer with fire in July which then preceded with erosion. (more…)

    Kristijan Jerkovic, Croatia